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AMIS Journal

JAMIS Publication Grant Awardees:

2017 NúriaBonet - for an article on mechanized shawms of China and Korea

2016 Maria Da Gloria Venceslau - for an article on the production of musical instruments in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

2015 Christina Linsenmeyer – rethinking the idea of musical instrument innovation in Europe 1790-1840, particularly violins in France and England

2014 James Westbrook – the life and work of David (José) Rubio (1934-2000)

2013 Jocelyn Howell - for an article concerning the merger of Boosey & Hawkes in 1930 and its effect on the company     

2011 Robert Howe. - for "Dating the Trieberts’ work by application of high-magnification color photography”

AMIS Journal

American Musical Instrument Society Publication Grant

The American Musical Instrument Society offers an annual grant of up to $1000 to help defray the costs of preparing an article appropriate for publication in the Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society.

The application shall include a cv, a project proposal (500 words), and an explanation of how the funds would be used; if the applicant is a student, a letter of recommendation from his or her adviser must be included. The grant might be used for travel expenses, obtaining materials, supplies or equipment necessary to the project, or editorial costs such as translation or reproduction rights.

The Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society is published annually by the American Musical Instrument Society, Inc. (AMIS), an international organization founded in 1971 to promote the study of the history, design, and use of musical instruments of all cultures and from all periods. The Journal welcomes articles representing original research on the construction, history, sociology, and conservation of instruments, and on questions of performance practice relating to particular instruments. For further information, see the “Guidelines for Contributors: A Summary” in the current issue of the Journal or on this website.

JAMIS Publication Grant

The application deadline each year is March 15, for a grant to be awarded at the following annual meeting (in May or June). Applications may be addressed to Allison Alcorn, Editor, Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, at

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