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Acker, Anne Beetem

Review of Claude Montal, The Art of Tuning: A Self-Guided Manual for Piano Tuning, Design, Action Regulation, and Repair from mid-19th Century France: For the Piano Owner and Technician, with Guidelines for Training the Blind and Visually Impaired. 41(2015): 267–70.

Adams, Peter H.
Review of Sumi Gunji, Kazue Nakamizo, Miki Ito, and Mayumi Okada, eds., The Collection of Musical Instruments [at the Kunitachi College of Music Research Institute, Tokyo]. 17 (1991): 145–46.

Adelson, Robert

Review of Florence Gétreau, Musique-Images-Instruments. Vol. 12, Orchestres aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles: composition, disposition, directions, représentation. 38 (2012): 248–50.

Review of Jerrold Levinson, Musical Concerns: Essays in Philosophy of Music. 42 (2016): 235–38.

Adkins, Cecil D.
Review of David Creese, The Monochord in Ancient Greek Harmonic Science. 39 (2013): 206–07.

Review of Margaret Anne Downie, The Rebec: An Orthographic and Iconographic Study. 11 (1985): 186–87.

Review of Jeremy Montagu, Reed Instruments: The Montagu Collection, An Annotated Catalogue. 29 (2003): 263–66.

Review of Stanley Sadie, ed., The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. 12 (1986): 149–51.

Review of Bettina Wackernagel, Holzblasinstrumente. Kataloge des Bayerischen Nationalmuseums 22. 33 (2007): 242–45.

Alcorn, Allison A.

Review of Quincy Whitney, American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins—the Art & Science of the Violin. 42 (2016): 249–53.

Alcorn-Oppedahl, Allison A.
Review of Robert F. Gellerman, The American Reed Organ and the Harmonium: A Treatise on Its History, Restoration and Tuning, with Descriptions of Some Outstanding Collections, Including a Stop Dictionary and a Directory of Reed Organs. 25 (1999): 148–51.

Review of Robert R. [i.e., F.] Gellerman, Gellerman’s International Reed Organ Atlas, second edition. 25 (1999): 148–51.

Review of David Woodrow, The Shape of Stradivari Violins: Proportions in the Forms and Violins of Antonio Stradivari. 20 (1994): 120–21.

Ambrose, Jane P.
Review of Rien de Reede, ed., Concerning the Flute: Ten Articles about Flute Literature, Flute Playing, Flute Making, and Flutists. 12 (1986): 167–70.

Review of Nancy Toff, The Development of the Modern Flute. 8 (1982): 108–11.

Review of Nancy Toff, The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers. 13 (1987): 126–28.

Aretz, Isabel
Review of Karl Gustav Izikowitz, Musical Instruments of the South American Indians. 2 (1976): 98–100.

Armstrong, Agnes

Review of Frederic B. Stiven, In the Organ Lofts of Paris. 39 (2013): 219–20.

Badura-Skoda, Eva

Review of Richard Bösel, ed., La cultura del fortepiano / Die Kultur des Hammerklaviers 1770–1830: Atti del Convegno internazionale di studi / Akten der internationalen Studientagung; Roma 26–29 Maggio 2004 / Rom 26.–29. Mai 2004. 36 (2010): 160–65.

Banks, Margaret Downie
Review of Edmund A. Bowles, Musical Ensembles in Festival Books, 1500–1800: An Iconographical and Documentary Survey. 16 (1990): 180–85.

Review of Martha Maas and Jane McIntosh Snyder, Stringed Instruments of Ancient Greece. 18 (1992): 131–32.

Review of Stanley Sadie, ed., The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. 12 (1986): 151–56.

Banks, Margaret Downie, see also Downie, Margaret Anne.

Barclay, R. L.

Review of John R. Watson, Artifacts in Use: The Paradox of Restoration and the Conservation of Organs. 36 (2010): 166–69.

Bé, Kenneth
Review of Robert Lundberg, Historical Lute Construction. 29 (2003): 234–37.

Review of Douglas Alton Smith, A History of the Lute from Antiquity to the Renaissance. 29 (2003): 234–37.

Bégin, Carmelle
Review of Eric Montbel and Florence Gétreau, editors, Souffler, c’est jouer: Chabretaires et cornemuses à miroirs en Limousin. 27 (2001): 191–95.

Beha, Laura E.
Review of Trevor Robinson, The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker. 1 (1975):126–27.

Bellingham, Bruce
Review of Jeremy Montagu, The World of Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments. 4 (1978): 121–25.

Review of David Munrow, Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 4 (1978): 121–25.

Berdahl, Susan
Review of Robert Bigio, Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain. 40 (2014): 240–43.

Review of Arnold Myers, ed., The Glen Account Book: 1838–1853. 15 (1989): 131–33.

Berry, Brandi

Review of Mary Cyr, Style and Performance for Bowed String Instruments in French Baroque Music. 40 (2014): 243–45.

Blackley, Becky
Review of Nelly van Ree Bernard, The Psaltery: An Annotated Audio-visual Review of Different Types of Psaltery. 17 (1991): 158–61.

Bloom, Peter H.
Review of Ardal Powell, editor [and translator], The Keyed Flute by Johann George Tromlitz. 24 (1998): 160–64.

Bordas, Cristina

Review of Mauricio Molina, Frame Drums in the Medieval Iberian Peninsula. 37 (2011): 157–60.

Borders, James M.
Review of James Coover, Musical Instrument Collections: Catalogues and Cognate Literature. 12 (1986): 156–58.

Review of Clemens von Gleich, Haags Gemeentemuseum: Over het ontstaan van de Muziekafdeling: Portret van de Verzameling-Scheurleer. 14 (1988): 168–71.

Review of Edwin M. Good, The Eddy Collection of Musical Instruments: A Checklist. 14 (1988): 168–71.

Review of E. A. K. Ridley, The Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments Catalogue. Vol. 1, European Wind Instruments. 10 (1984): 126–27.

Bowers, Jane
Review of Robert Bigio, ed., Readings in the History of the Flute: Monographs, Essays, Review of Lenz Meierott, Die geschichtliche Entwicklung der kleinen Flötentypen und ihre Verwendung in der Musik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. 3 (1977): 125–29.

Review of Ardal Powell, The Flute. 29 (2003): 237–44.

Review of Reviews, Letters and Advertisements from Nineteenth-Century London, edited and with an introduction by Robert Bigio. 34 (2008): 124–31.

Review of Nancy Toff, Monarch of the Flute: The Life of Georges Barrère. 34 (2008): 124–31.

Bowles, Edmund A.
Review of James Blades and Jeremy Montagu, Early Percussion Instruments from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. 4 (1978): 125–30.

Review of Jeremy Montagu, Making Early Percussion Instruments. 4 (1978): 125–30.

Brentlinger, Lee
Review of Josef Hammerl and Reiner, eds., Geigenlacke: Wissenwertes über Harze und Grundstoffe für Geigenlacke sowie Ratschläge zur Lackierung. 20 (1994): 122.

Brown, Howard Mayer
Review of William Lichtenwanger, et al., A Survey of Musical Instrument Collections in the United States and Canada. 2 (1976): 96–98.

Bryant, Carolyn
Review of Terence Ford, comp. and ed., The National Gallery of Art, Washington; Terence Ford and Andrew Green, The Pierpont Morgan Library: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts;Elliot Hurwitt with Terence Ford, ed., The Frick Collection, New York; and Margareth Owens with Terence Ford, ed., Art Institute of Chicago. 16 (1990): 197–201.

Review of Malou Haine, Adolphe Sax (1814–1894): Sa vie, son oeuvre et ses instruments de musique. 9 (1983): 132–35.

Review of Peter and Ann Mactaggart, eds., Musical Instruments in the 1851 Exhibition: A Transcription of the Entries of Musical Interest from the Official Illustrated Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Art and Industry of All Nations, with Additional Material from Contemporary Sources. 14 (1988): 171–74.

Bullard, Beth
Review of Alison Arnold, editor, South Asia: The Indian Subcontinent. (The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music,Vol. 5)27 (2001): 183–88.

Review of Brigitte Bachman-Geiser, Europäische Musikinstrumente im Bernischen Historischen Museum: Die Sammlung als Spiegel bernischer Musikkultur. 29 (2003): 266–70.

Review of Henry Johnson, The Koto: A Traditional Instrument in Contemporary Japan. 34 (2008): 116–19.

Review of Jeremy Montagu, Musical Instruments of the Bible. 31 (2005): 183–87.

Review of Amanda Villepastour, Ancient Text Messages of the Yorùbá Bàtá Drum: Cracking the Code. 38 (2012): 153–57.

Review of Sun Zhuo, The Chinese Zheng Zither: Contemporary Transformations. 42 (2016): 238–40.

Burgess, Geoffrey

Review of Jérôme Lejeune, A Guide to Period Instruments—Guide des instruments anciens—Leitfaden durch die historischen Instrument. 41(2015): 270–74.

Review of Jérôme Lejeune, A Guide to Musical Instruments. Vol. 2, 1800–1950. 41(2015): 270–74.

Callahan, Clare
Review of James Tyler, The Early Guitar: A History and Handbook. 9 (1983): 130–32.

Campbell, Murray

Review of Patrizio Barbieri, Physics of Wind Instruments and Organ Pipes 1100 –2010: New and Extended Writings. 42 (2016): 240–43.

Carlson, Bruce
Review of Robert Palmieri, editor, with Margaret W. Palmieri, The Piano. Vol. 1 of Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments. 22 (1996): 132–33.

Review of Johann Joachim Quantz, On Playing the Flute, 2d ed., transl. with notes by Edward R. Reilly. 14 (1988): 177–81.

Review of Michael Seyfrit, Musical Instruments in the Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection at the Library of Congress: A Catalog. Vol. 1, Recorders, Fifes, and Simple System Transverse Flutes of One Key. 10 (1984): 128–31.

Carr, Dale
Review of Arend Jan Gierveld, Het Nederlandse huisorgel in de 17de en 18de eeuw. 7 (1981): 111–14.

Chancey, Tina
Review of Sterling Scott Jones, The Lira da Braccio. 24 (1998): 151–53.

Review of Susan Orlando, editor, The Italian Viola da Gamba: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Italian Viola da Gamba. 31 (2005): 191–95.

Chapin, Andris K.
Review of Ian McCombie, The Piano Handbook. 7 (1981): 118–21.

Clark, Robert
Review of John Allen Ferguson, Walter Holtkamp, American Organ Builder. 7 (1981): 109–11.

Clinkscale, Martha Novak
Review of Michael Cole, The Pianoforte in the Classical Era. 26 (2000): 218–21.

Coltman, John W.
Review of M. Castellengo, F. Drouin, and P. Sechet, La flûte traversiere à une clef. 8 (1982): 105–08.

Review of Albert Glinsky, Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage. 28 (2002): 215–19.

Review of Owen H. Jorgensen, Tuning: Containing the Perfection of Eighteenth-Century Temperament, the Lost Art of Nineteenth-Century Temperament, and the Science of Equal Temperament: Complete with Instructions for Aural and Electronic Tuning. 19 (1993): 105–09.

Review of Earle L. Kent, ed., Musical Acoustics: Piano and Wind Instruments. 5–6 (1979–80): 200–03.

Review of Victor-Charles Mahillon, Éléments d’acoustique musicale et instrumentale: Comprenant l’examen de la construction théorique de tous les instruments de musique en usage dans l’orchestre moderne, 2d ed. 11 (1985): 179–82.

Review of Herbert W. Myers, The Practical Acoustics of Early Woodwinds. 8 (1982): 105–08.

Crane, Frederick B.
Review of John Henry van der Meer, Musikinstrumente: Von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. 13 (1987): 107–10.

Review of Microsoft Musical Instruments. 21 (1995): 105–08.

Review of Gerhard Stradner, et al, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. Klangführer durch die Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente. 22 (1996): 133–35.

Cyr, Mary
Review of Elizabeth Cowling, The Cello. 4 (1978): 136–38.

Dobney, Jayson

Review of James Clark, Connecticut’s Fife and Drum Tradition. 39 (2013): 209–12.

Dobney, Jayson Kerr

Review of Laurence Libin, ed., The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, 2nd ed. 41(2015): 260–67.

Douglass, Fenner
Review of François Bédos de Celles, The Organ-Builder, Engl. transl. by Charles Ferguson. 5–6 (1979–80): 193–97.

Downie, Margaret Anne
Review of Fivos Anoyanakis, Greek Popular Musical Instruments, Engl. transl. by Christopher N. W. Klint. 9 (1983): 118–21.

Dudgeon, Ralph
Review of Albert Hiller, Das Große Buch vom Posthorn. 14 (1988): 181–84.

Review of Sabine Katherina Klaus, Trumpets and Other High Brass: A History Inspired by the Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection. Vol. 2, Ways to Expand the Harmonic Series. 41(2015): 274–77.

Review of Don L. Smithers, The Music and History of the Baroque Trumpet before 1721, 2nd ed. 16 (1990): 188–91.

Eddy, M. Alexandra
Review of Alison Crum with Sonia Jackson, Play the Viol: The Complete Guide to Playing the Treble, Tenor, and Bass Viol. 17 (1991): 149–52.

Eldridge, Niles

Review of Stewart Carter, ed., Brass Scholarship in Review: Proceedings of the Historic Brass Society Conference, Cité de la Musique, Paris 1999. 34 (2008): 122–24.

Eliason, Robert E.

Review of Christian Ahrens, Valved Brass: The History of an Invention. 35 (2009): 171–74.
Review of Art Brownlow, The Last Trumpet: A History of the English Slide Trumpet. 24 (1998): 157–59.

Review of Bernhard Brüchle and Kurt Janetzky, Kulturgeschichte des Horns: Ein Bildsachbuch / A Pictorial History of the Horn. 5–6 (1979–80): 203–05.

Review of Reine Dahlqvist, The Keyed Trumpet and Its Greatest Virtuoso, Anton Weidinger. 2 (1976): 101.

Review of Robert Garofalo and Mark Elrod, A Pictorial History of Civil War Era Musical Instruments and Military Bands. 12 (1986): 173–76.

Review of Sabine Katherina Klaus, Trumpets and Other High Brass: A History Inspired by the Joe R. and Joella F. Utley Collection. Vol. 1, Instruments of the Single Harmonic Series. 39 (2013): 207–09.

Review of Arthur LaBrew, Francis Johnson (1792–1844): A Study in 19th Century Military and Terpsichorean Music History. 2 (1976): 101–02.

Review of Don L. Smithers, The Music and History of the Baroque Trumpet before 1721. 1 (1975): 129–30.

Emerson, Isabelle

Review of John Ogasapian, Scot L. Huntington, Len Levasseur, and N. Lee Orr, eds.,

Litterae Organi: Essays in Honor of Barbara Owen. 33 (2007): 254–55.

Review of John R. Watson, ed., Organ Restoration Reconsidered: Proceedings of a Colloquium. 33 (2007): 255–59.

Ericson, John Q.
Review of Trevor Herbert and John Wallace, editors, The Cambridge Companion to Brass Instruments. 25 (1999): 151–54.

Ervine, Beverley
Review of William Waterhouse, The Proud Bassoon. 11 (1985): 189–90.

Farrar, Lloyd P.
Review of Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp and John Henry van der Meer, The Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp Collection of Musical Instruments: Descriptive Catalogue. 9 (1983): 112–17.

Review of G. Craig Caba, United States Military Drums, 1845–1865: A Pictorial Survey. 5–6 (1979–80): 210–13.

Review ofHerbert Heyde, Katalog des Musikinstrumenten-Museums der Karl-Marx-Universität, Leipzig. Vol. 1, Flöten and Vol. 3, Trompeten, Posaunen, Tuben. 9 (1983): 112–17.

Review of John Henry van der Meer, Verzeichnis der europäischen Musikinstrumente in Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nürnberg. Vol. 1, Hörner und Trompeten, Membranophone, Idiophone. 9 (1983): 112–17.

Review of Gary M. Stewart, Keyed Brass Instruments in the Arne B. Larson Collection. 9 (1983): 135–37.

Ferguson, Charles
Review of Fenner Douglass, Cavaillé-Coll and the Musicians. 8 (1982): 102–04.

Fesperman, John
Review of Orpha Ochse, The History of the Organ in the United States. 3 (1977): 129–31.

Finkelman, Michael C.
Review of James Coover, Music at Auction: Puttick and Simpson (of London), 1794–1971. 17 (1991): 137–40.

Review of Phillip T. Young, Die Holzblasinstrumente im Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum / Woodwind Instruments of the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum. 25 (1999): 139–43.

Fontana, Eszter

Review of Friedemann Hellwig and Barbara Hellwig, Joachim Tielke: Kunstvolle Musikinstrumente des Barock. 38 (2012): 150–53.

French, Todd
Review of Brian W. Harvey and Carla J. Shapreau, Violin Fraud: Deception, Forgery, and Lawsuits in England and America. 25 (1999): 154–57.

Gable, Frederick K.
Review of C. F. Colt, The Early Piano. 8 (1982): 99–102.

Review of Stanley Sadie, ed., The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. 13 (1987): 113–16.

Glück, Sebastian M.

Review of Tina Frühauf, The Organ and Its Music in German-Jewish Culture. 36 (2010): 169–72.

Good, Edwin M.
Review of Martha Clinkscale, Makers of the Piano, Volume 2: 1820–1860. 27 (2001): 198–200.

Review of Dieter Krickeberg, ed., Der “schöne” Klang: Studien zum historischen Musikinstrumentenbau in Deutschland und Japan unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des alten Nürnberg. 25 (1999): 160–63.

Review of Preethi de Silva, The Fortepiano Writings of Streicher, Dieudonné, and the Schiedmayers: Two Manuals and a Notebook. 36 (2010): 157–60.

Review of Thomas Steiner, editor, Instruments à claviers—expressivité et flexibilité sonore / Keyboard Instruments—Flexibility of Sound and Expression. 32 (2006): 172–75.

Gough, Hugh
Review of Ernst Gottlieb Baron, Study of the Lute (1727), Engl. transl. by Douglas Alton Smith. 4 (1978): 138–41.

Grafing, Keith G.
Review of Cyril Ehrlich, The Piano: A History. 4 (1978): 114–16.

Green, Robert A.
Review of Musique • Images • Instruments: Revue française d’organologie et d’iconographie musicale. Volume 1 (1995): Innovations et traditions dans la vie musicale française au XIXe siècle. Volume 2 (1996): Aspects de la vie musicale au XVIIe siècle. 24 (1998): 146–48.

Review of Marie-Anne Sarda, ed., Le Vielleux: Métamorphoses d’une figure d’artiste du XVIIe au XIXe siècle. 35 (2009): 156–59.

Groce, Nancy
Review of Paul M. Gifford, The Hammered Dulcimer in America: A History. 30 (2004): 172–75.

Review of Tom Wheeler, American Guitars: An Illustrated History. 11 (1985): 187–89.

Gruskin, Shelley
Review of Francis Collinson, The Bagpipe: The History of a Musical Instrument. 4 (1978): 141–43.

Haefer, J. Richard
Review of Theodor H. Podnos, Bagpipes and Tunings. 2 (1976): 102–03.

Hebbert, Benjamin
Review of David Rattray, Masterpieces of Italian Violin Making (1620–1850): Important Stringed Instruments from the Collection at the Royal Academy of Music, 2nd edition. 28 (2002): 228–30.

Hettrick, Jane Schatkin
Review of Gustav Fock, Hamburg’s Role in Northern European Organ Building. 26 (2000): 231–35.

Review of Barbara Owen, The Registration of Baroque Organ Music. 25 (1999): 143–48.

Review of David Yearsley, Bach’s Feet: The Organ Pedals in European Culture. 39 (2013): 216–19.

Hettrick, William E.

Review of Peter H. Adams, An Annotated Index to Selected Articles from The Musical Courier, 1880–1940. 36 (2010): 179–82.

Review of Frank P. Bär, editor, Musica Instrumentalis: Zeitschrift für Organologie. Ausgabe 1 (1998); Band 2 (1999). 27 (2001): 212–15.

Review of Marianne Betz, Der Csakan und seine Musik: Wiener Musikleben im frühen 19. Jahrhundert, dargestellt am Beispiel einer Spazierstockblockflöte. 21 (1995): 101–04.

Review of Helmut Ottner, Der Wiener Instrumentenbau 1815–1833. 8 (1982): 111–16.

Review of Konrad Ruhland, Alte Musikinstrumente aus niederbayerischen Werkstätten. 8 (1982): 111–16.

Review of Bettina Wackernagel, Musikinstrumentenverzeichnis der Bayerischen Hofkapelle von 1655: Faksimile, Transkription und Kommentar. 32 (2006): 179–82.

Higbee, Dale
Review of Janice Gray Armstrong, ed., Catching the Tune: Music and William Sidney Mount. 11 (1985): 176–79.

Review of Anthony Baines, The Bate Collection of Historical Wind Instruments: Catalogue of the Instruments. 5–6 (1979–80): 216–17.

Review of Clifford Bevan, ed., Musical Instrument Collections in the British Isles. 18 (1992): 106–09.

Review of Stephen Bonta and William Salzillo, eds., The Schambach Collection of Musical Instruments. 11 (1985): 176–79.

Review of Edwin Buijsen and Louis Peter Grijp, et al., The Hoogsteder Exhibition of Music and Painting in the Golden Age. 23 (1997): 166–69.

Review of Susan Caust Farrell, Directory of Contemporary Musical Instrument Makers. 10 (1984): 119–20.

Review of Richard Griscom and David Lasocki, The Recorder: A Guide to Writings about the Instrument for Players and Researchers. 23 (1997): 161–63.

Review of Jean Jenkins, ed., International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections. 5–6 (1979–80): 213–15.

Review of David Lasocki, The Recorder and Other Members of the Flute Family in Writings from 1100 to 1500. 39 (2013): 220–23.

Review of Laurence Libin, American Musical Instruments in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 13 (1987): 110–13.

Review of Laurence Libin, A Checklist of European Harps. 7 (1981): 116–18.

Review of Laurence Libin, Musical Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 7 (1981): 116–18.

Review of William L. Monical, A Checklist of Viole da gambe (Viols). 7 (1981): 116–18.

Review of Walter Nef, Alte Musikinstrumente in Basel / Instruments de musique anciens à Bâle / Ancient Musical Instruments in Basle. 3 (1977): 132–34.

Review of E. A. K. Ridley, Wind Instruments of European Art Music. 3 (1977): 132–34.

Review of William Salzillo, ed., The Art of Music: American Paintings & Musical Instruments, 1770–1910. 11 (1985): 176–79.

Review ofJoyce Smar, Michaelene Gorney, and Jane Vial, Musical Instruments. 7 (1981): 116–18.

Review of John Solum, The Early Flute. 20 (1994): 126–28.

Review of Phillip T. Young, 4900 Historical Woodwind Instruments: An Inventory of 200 Makers in International Collections. 21 (1995): 98–101.

Hill, Matthew

Review of André Millard, ed., The Electric Guitar: A History of an American Icon. 34 (2008): 119–22.

Hoeprich, Eric

Review of Albert R. Rice, From the Clarinet d’Amour to the Contra Bass: A History of Large Size Clarinets, 1740–1860. 36 (2010): 172–74.

Howard, Joseph H.
Review of James Blades, Percussion Instruments and Their History, rev. ed. 11 (1985): 190–91.

Howe, Robert

Review of Arnold Myers, ed., Catalogue of the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection. 35 (2009): 177–80.

Hunter, George R.
Review of Heinz Bahnert, Theodor Herzberg, and Herbert Schramm, Metallblasinstrumente, 2d ed. 15 (1989): 129–31.

Hutting, H. E. II
Review of Don E. Teeter, The Acoustic Guitar: Adjustment, Care, Maintenance and Repair. 3 (1977): 134–36.

Johnstone, John G.
Review of Bjørn Aksdal, Med Piber og Basuner, Skalmeye og Fiol: Musikinstrumenter i Norge ca. 1600–1800 [With pipes and trombones, shawm and fiddle: musical instruments in Norway ca. 1600–1800]. 9 (1983): 124–25.

Klaus, Sabine K.

Review of Michael Cole, Broadwood Square Pianos: Their Historical Context, and Technical Development, Together with a New Biography of John Broadwood. 33 (2007): 249–52.

Review of Günter Dullat, Verzeichnis der Holz- und Metallblasinstrumentenmacher auf eutschsprachigem Gebiet von 1500 bis Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts. 37 (2011): 160–65.

Kopp, James

Review of Hugh Cheape, Bagpipes: A National Collection of a National Instrument. 35 (2009): 180–83.

Kopp, James B.

Review of Jonathan Wainwright and Peter Holman, eds., From Renaissance to Baroque: Change in Instruments and Instrumental Music in the Seventeenth Century. 33 (2007): 264–68.

Koster, John

Review of Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, and Judith Wardman, eds., De Clavicordio IX: Proceedings of the IX International Clavichord Symposium. 40 (2014): 245–49.

Review of Bernard Brauchli, Alberto Galazzo, and Judith Wardman, eds., De Clavicordio X: Proceedings of the X International Clavichord Symposium. John Koster. 40 (2014): 245–49.
Review of Grant O’Brien, Ruckers: A Harpsichord and Virginal Building Tradition. 18 (1992): 109–24.

Review of Hans Georg Richter, Holz als Rohstoff für den Musikinstrumentenbau. 17 (1991): 163–69.

Kottick, Edward L.
Review of Anders Askenfelt, ed., Five Lectures on the Acoustics of the Piano. 18 (1992): 124–31.

Review of Patrizio Barbieri, Enharmonic Instruments and Music, 1470–1900: Revised and Translated Studies. 35 (2009): 159–63.

Review of Bernard Brauchli, Susan Brauchli, and Alberto Galazzo, editors, De Clavicordio II: Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium = Atti del Congresso Internazionale sul Clavicordo: Magnano, 21–23 September 1995. 24 (1998): 164–69.

Review of Edwin M. Good, Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos: A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand, 2nd edition. 28 (2002): 230–34.

Review of Howard Schott, ed., The Historical Harpsichord: A Monograph Series in Honor of Frank Hubbard, vol. 3. 20 (1994): 123–25.

Review of Howard Schott and John Koster, eds., Aspects of Harpsichord Making in the British Isles. 36 (2010): 155

Review of Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini and John Henry van der Meer, Clavicembali e spinette dal XVI al XIX secolo: Collezione L. F. Tagliavini. 14 (1988): 174–77.

Kreitner, Kenneth.
Review of Bruce Haynes, A History of Performing Pitch: The Story of “A”. 32 (2006): 194–96.

Kuronen, Darcy
Review of Luisa Cervelli, Antichi strumenti in un moderno museo: Museo Nazionale Strumenti Musicali—Roma, 2d ed. 15 (1989): 119–21.

Review of Philip F. Gura, C. F. Martin and His Guitars, 1796–1873. 31 (2005): 187–91.

Review of Edward L. Kottick and George Lucktenberg, Early Keyboard Instruments in European Museums. 24 (1998): 169–72.

Review of Jeffrey J. Noonan, The Guitar in America: Victorian Era to Jazz Age. 35 (2009): 153–56.

Review of Craig H. Roell, The Piano in America, 1890–1940. 16 (1990): 186–88.

Review of Frederick R. Selch and H. Reynolds Butler, The Legacy of Sebastian Virdung: An Illustrated Catalogue of Rare Books from the Frederick R. Selch Collection Pertaining to the History of Musical Instruments. 33 (2007): 240–42.

Review of Robert Shaw and Peter Szego, Inventing the American Guitar: The Pre-Civil War Innovations of C. F. Martin and his Contemporaries. 41(2015): 277–81.

Review of Dennis G. Waring, Manufacturing the Muse: Estey Organs and Consumer Culture in Victorian America. 30 (2004): 175–79.

Larson, André P.
Review of Clifford Bevan, The Tuba Family. 5–6 (1979–80): 205–07.

Review of Florence Gétreau, Aux Origines du Musée de la Musique: Les Collections instrumentales du Conservatoire de Paris, 1793–1993. 25 (1999): 133–36.

Review of Philip F. Gura and James F. Bollman, America’s Instrument: The Banjo in the Nineteenth Century. 27 (2001): 195–98.

Lawrence, Arthur
Review of Ann P. Basart, The Sound of the Fortepiano. 13 (1987): 116–18.

Review of Pieter Dirksen, editor, The Harpsichord and its Repertoire: Proceedings of the International Harpsichord Symposium, Utrecht 1990. 23 (1997): 151–53.

Review of John Fesperman, Organs in Mexico. 8 (1982): 104–05.

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