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Call for papers (Note extended deadline: December 15, 2007)

Show & Tell Returns! Got something odd, unusual or just plain crazy? Bring it to Calgary and share the fun!


37th Annual AMIS Meeting

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 29 - June 1, 2008

Please use the following options for submitting conference pictures and text for the AMIS Newsletter and website. For any questions, contact

DO NOT REDUCE THE ORIGINAL CAMERA FILES! We want the best quality pictures possible. It is not necessary to compress files or reduce image sizes for uploading unless it is too big a drain on your own resources.

Please provide captions and picture credits. We will assume you are the photographer and that we have permission to publish the images unless you state otherwise.

  1. All text should be emailed to the Editor. For pictures totalling 5 MB or less, email to:
  2. For larger image files or large numbers of pictures, email to: OR
  3. Upload to your Flikr or Picasa or other image hosting site and let the Newsletter Editor know where to get them.
  4. If you have lots of large image files, please burn them to a disk (CD or DVD) and mail to:

    Dwight Newton
    UK School of Music
    105 Fine Arts Building
    Lexington, KY 40506-0022
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