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Call for papers (Note extended deadline: December 15, 2007)

Show & Tell Returns! Got something odd, unusual or just plain crazy? Bring it to Calgary and share the fun!


37th Annual AMIS Meeting


The Board of Governors has unanimously agreed to reinstitute the Show and Tell event at the AMIS annual meetings beginning with the 2008 meeting in Calgary. This entertaining and educational affair provides a very nice break from our scholarly presentations. The basic concept is to bring something special and explain and hopefully demonstrate it. Rare and unusual instruments, novelty musical items which never caught on, or simply anything in the musical line which has a chance of extracting either a laugh or a gasp from the other members could be candidates for this event.

Everyone who remembers when these were part of our programs will recall with at least a smile some of the fascinating items shown (and made to produce sounds, usually musical). This is not a swap meet, though if someone offers you a fortune for your grandpa's kontrabass kazoo after the affair, go for it!

Doug Koeppe is heading up the Show and Tell at the Calgary meeting and is asking that any members who would enjoy sharing a special item with their colleagues please drop him an email at describing what it is they would like to bring for our enlightenment and enjoyment. The session will be held one afternoon and will last from one to one and a half hours, depending on the number of presentations. 




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