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The Curt Sachs Award 2010

Jeremy Montagu

Ed Kottick-Jeremy Montagu

Retired curator of the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments at the University of Oxford, Montagu was presented his award in Washington, DC, on May 28, 2010, during the Society's annual meeting, "in recognition of a lifetime of achievement as a performer, conductor, scholar, museum curator, university professor, and instrument collector, and for his distinguished publications, outstanding leadership, and tireless service to the discipline of organology." 

Montagu has been involved in early music as a professional musician for nearly forty years, and is an emeritus fellow of Wadham College (University of Oxford).  He began collecting musical instruments in the early 1960s and formed a collection of about 2,500 instruments from many countries of the world. His many publications include: "The World of Medieval and Renaissance musical instruments" (1976); "Making early percussion instruments" (1976); " "The world of baroque and classical musical instruments" (1979); "The World of romantic & modern musical instruments" (1981); "Musical Instruments of the bible" (2002); "Timpani and percussion" (2002); "Origins and development of musical instruments" (2007).

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