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The American Musical Instrument Society


The Curt Sachs Award 1993

Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez

Jeannine Lambrechts-DouillezThe Board of Governors of the American Musical Instrument Society designated Jeannine Lambrechts-Douillez the recipient of the Curt Sachs Award for the year 1993 in grateful recognition of her eminence and achievements as scholar, curator, and administrator; in appreciation of her connoisseurship, skill, and perseverance in rescuing the important harpsichords at the Museum Vleeshuis in Antwerp and her careful documentation of the Antwerp harpsichord tradition, published in a series of volumes by the Ruckers Genootschap; and in acknowledgment of her devotion and administrative skill at the Museum Vleeshuis, where she cared for 500 instruments, produced a catalog, and wrote many other articles, while meeting her many other responsibilities as Curator of the Archaeological Museums of Antwerp.

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