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The American Musical Instrument Society


AMIS-L-LIST Listserv

AMIS-L-LIST is a Listserv® email forum for members of the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS) and designated others. It was established following the May 2006 international joint conference of AMIS, the Galpin Society, and CIMCIM at the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, to facilitate continuing informal communications among members.

AMIS-L-LIST is a voluntary service by the National Music Museum/University of South Dakota for the benefit of AMIS members. The moderator is Margaret Downie Banks at NMM. It is open only to verified members of AMIS and certain others deemed by AMIS or the list Moderator to be appropriate, including members of the Galpin Society and CIMCIM.


The list Moderator does not screen list messages before they are distributed to the list. When you send email it is immediately distributed to the entire list membership. Please make sure your message says what you intend before sending. There is no way to un-send a message.

Please keep message topics consistent with the goals and purpose of AMIS ("To promote better understanding of all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods"). The Moderator may at times suggest that discussions not related to musical instruments be taken off-list.

While a certain amount of social banter is to be expected, you should only respond to a message if you have something useful to add. For example, unless specifically asked for support for an idea, a response of "I agree," "Yes!" etc., is not useful to dialog and simply fills the inbox of list members.

As usual, it is best to avoid sensitive subjects such as religion and politics unless they are consistent with the goals and purpose of AMIS (which is entirely possible).

Email lists are not public forums. While we have no interest in restricting dialog, be aware that AMIS, the National Music Museum, the University of South Dakota, and the list Moderator all have complete authority to remove individuals from the list or to remove the service entirely for any reason whatsoever. AMIS-L-LIST is explicitly NOT a right of membership in AMIS, but is an external service provided by volunteers.

We hope you will take advantage of the broad expertise of our members. This list will only be as useful as you make it.

To Subscribe/Resign from the List

When you subscribe to AMIS-L-LIST, we will check your name against the AMIS membership rolls for verification. When verified, you will receive complete information on using AMIS-L-LIST to communicate with other members. You may also refer to this page if you lose the original communications.

Upon verification of your membership in AMIS or the Galpin Society, the list moderator will approve your subscription and you will be sent a welcome message with instructions on using the Listserv and also a welcome message.


AMIS-L-LIST is provided by the University of South Dakota. Your list administrator and Moderator is Margaret Downie Banks, Senior Curator of Musical Instruments at the National Music Museum. Any questions regarding your list membership or technical problems should be addressed to the list owners.


Once your subscription has been approved, you may send email to all members of the list by using this address:


Here is some other useful information.

The following email addresses are used for the specified purposes:

The following URLs may also be useful: